care4fleets is specialist in the area of operational and integrative fleet services.

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Who we are and what we do

We offer a unique process of pool car management. Offering different services which are chained perfectly together in one fluent cycle, make us the best in the field of operational fleet services and solutions. The essence of our existence is to relieve you, our customer, of all technical and operational tasks to be done on a company car, and to lower direct and indirect costs associated with your fleet.

Damage reviews

Our damage reviews are done by an independent team of damage advisors. Damage reviews can be done at each driver-car switch, at exit employment, at the end of lease of a car or in between to have a better view of damages on your fleet.
Reviews can take place at any given address, including at your business location, a private address or at our own offices.

Fleet administration

Our administration and planning team is your first point of contact.  Every business day  our colleagues are available to help you out with your day to day fleet concerns. They are the ones that will receive your questions, contact your drivers, schedule appointments and will technically set-up every process your car(s) will go through. Our goal is to help you as much as we can and to do this with a  smile.


Needless to say that cleaning of your cars is an  essential part of our process . Our cleaning team makes sure every car is ready to be delivered at any moment, and more importantly in a perfectly clean status both inside and outside. This includes checking the tire pressure and refilling fluids, if necessary.

Technical check

The technical status of your vehicles directly affects  safety  and driving experience of your drivers. This is why we pay great attention to this part of the process. Our technical advisor team works closely with our cleaning team to  detect any possible technical issues . They register every finding in a  detailed checklist  which will be reported to you, our customer.


Our transport services are one of the most appreciated services we offer. We can organise a pick-up and/or delivery of cars at their office or even at their home address, in Belgium and abroad.

With every pick-up or delivery our drivers will thoroughly summarise the condition of the car (general information, damages, options the car is equipped with, etc.) in the presence of your company driver via a car check if requested.

Parking solutions

Our facility in Vilvoorde is well equipped to store over 3.000 cars simultaneously, on a highly secured interior and exterior parking. We occupy more than 80.000 m² and extensions are always possible.

During the time that cars are parked with us, both short term and long term, they are regularly checked and therefore ready to be delivered upon request. This makes it very easy for you to keep any number of cars available.