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Who we are and what we do

At driveX, we offer a unique process of damage reviews for intake of poolcars and end of lease carswaps. We offer different services such as pre-reviews before a car is end of lease, repair advice, accident declaration, car delivery and damage management.

These services are chained perfectly together in one fluent cycle. Although our services are designed to be offered in a full service package, they can also be offered separately, fit to what your fleet needs best.

Our team of damage advisors will perform the damage reviews on a neutral, and most important, independent base according to the Renta norm. Experience, performance and vigilance are key factors that determine the success rate of our damage advisors.

This uniform approach of damage reviews for all your employees will lead to minimal discussions and frustrations. In short, our advisory team and our company values can help you to get grip on your car damages!

                                        Damage inspections

                                        One single point of contact to maintain clear and open communication in presence of the driver.

                                        Fast and accurate follow-up.

                                        Objective damage assessment: renta-norm.

                                        Charge to driver according to car policy.

                                        Pool <> end of lease contract handling.

                                        End of lease contract (counter) assessment.

                                        Transparent reporting — online tool.

                                        Repair & accident declaration

                                        Repair method: smart & spot repair / traditional repair / PDR.

                                        Information towards the driver concerning his/her accident declaration.

                                        Damage management

                                        One single point of contact.

                                        Administrative handling: processing the declaration until payment of the invoice.

                                        Operational handling: damage determination / planning of the repairs / follow — up of the repairs / total loss handling assessment: renta-norm.

                                        Financial handling: invoicing of the repair / claims handling. 

                                        Management reporting: damage statistics/management information.

                                        I need an inspection, please assist me...

                                        We are happy to execute your damage inspections!